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Deschler’s Precedents on Budget Process Reform


This is the forward for Chapter 41, which covers budget process in Deschler’s Precedents:

Foreword to Bound Volume 18

The publication of volume 18 of Deschler-Brown-Johnson-Sul- livan Precedents marks the completion of the compilation of modern precedents of the House of Representatives commenced by then Parliamentarian Lewis Deschler in 1974. The volume contains the forty-first and final chapter in the series as well as an appendix authored by former Parliamentarian Charles W. Johnson, III. Chapter 41 is focused on the budget process in the House and contains precedents from the enactment of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 through 2012. The ap- pendix represents commentary from the perspective of Charles W. Johnson, III, whose service in the Office of the Parliamen- tarian with seven successive Speakers uniquely qualifies him to document the parliamentary evolution of the House since the publication of volume 1 in 1976. The contributions of former Parliamentarian John V. Sullivan, particularly his vision and leadership in preparing this volume and modernizing the Office of Compilation of Precedents, are gratefully acknowledged.

FEBRUARY 8, 2013.



Deschler’s Precedents on Budget Process Reform



§008. Budget Process Law Annotated


§010. Budget Resolutions

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