H. Con. Res. 71 (115th Congress)

Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018

 Subtitle A—Budget Enforcement
sec. 308. adjustments for improved control of budgetary resources.

(a) Adjustments of Discretionary and Direct Spending Levels.—In the House of Representatives, if a committee (other than the Committee on Appropriations) reports a bill or joint resolution, or an amendment thereto is offered or conference report thereon is submitted, providing for a decrease in direct spending (budget authority and outlays flowing therefrom) for any fiscal year and also provides for an authorization of appropriations for the same purpose, upon the enactment of such measure, the chair of the Committee on the Budget may decrease the allocation to the applicable authorizing committee that reports such measure and increase the allocation of discretionary spending (budget authority and outlays flowing therefrom) to the Committee on Appropriations for fiscal year 2018 by an amount equal to the new budget authority (and outlays flowing therefrom) provided for in a bill or joint resolution making appropriations for the same purpose.

(b) Determinations.—In the House of Representatives, for purposes of enforcing this concurrent resolution, the allocations and aggregate levels of new budget authority, outlays, direct spending, revenues, deficits, and surpluses for fiscal year 2018 and the total of fiscal years 2018 through 2027 shall be determined on the basis of estimates made by the chair of the Committee on the Budget and such chair may adjust the applicable levels in this concurrent resolution.

House Budget Committee Report on Budget Resolution
(H. Rept. 115-240, Report on H. Con. Res. 71 (115th Congress))

Section 308. Adjustments for Improved Control of Budgetary Resources.

Section 308, long a feature of budget resolutions, is intended to remove a disincentive to subjecting existing mandatory programs to annual appropriations. It would effectively hold the Committee on Appropriations harmless for any such conversion and prevent the applicable authorizing committee from using savings that could otherwise be used to offset other increases in mandatory spending.

Subsection (a) permits the Chair of the Committee on the Budget to adjust the budget resolution to accommodate legislation that subjects an existing mandatory program to annual appropriations. The Chair would increase the 302(a) allocation to the Committee on Appropriations by the amount of the new discretionary program and reduce the 302(a) allocation of the authorizing committee that reported the legislation. These adjustments would be made upon enactment of the legislation.

Subsection (b) authorizes the Chair of the Committee on the Budget to make the adjustments under subsection (a) and affirms the Chair’s authority to determine the estimates used to execute this section.


Section 307. (HCR71)


Sec. 309. (HCR71)

[BCD  § 010.43]