§10. Budget Resolutions

Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for
Fiscal Year 2021

None (116th Congress)
No formal budget resolution adopted by Congress.

Legislative History

When the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019 (Pub. L. ) was enacted, it established the authority for the Leadership in the House of Representatives and the Senate to put in place budgetary enforcement mechanisms without further legislative action. The House had already passed a deeming resolution for fiscal year 2020 when it adopted H. Res. 293 (116th Congress), but section 201 (BBA 2019) provided additional adjustment authority to take into account the Act in which it was included. It also provided for an additional deeming resolution for fiscal year 2021 (see below).

The  BBA 2019 included full deeming language for the two fiscal years for which discretionary spending limits were raised, hence neither fiscal year 2020 nor 2021 required the Senate to take any further action to obtain budgetary enforcement levels thereby circumventing the Congressional Budget Act of 1974.

Sec. 202. Authority for Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Resolution in the House of Representatives.

Sec. 205. Authority for Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Resolution in the Senate.


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