§10. Budget Resolutions

Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2011

None (115th Congress)
No budget resolution was adopted by Congress

LEgislative History

Fiscal year 2011 in Congressional budgeting was notable not because no budget resolution was agreed to by both Houses of Congress, but because no budget resolution was ever adopted by the House or Senate, no budget resolution was adopted by the House Budget Committee and the deeming resolution passed by the House (H. Res. 1493) was not accomplished until July of 2011.

Deeming Resolution in the House: The House used an unusual route in adopting a deeming resolution, which is defined as a measure which may be used for the enforcement of budget levels and procedures but without the adoption of both House and Senate. Chairman John Spratt (D-SC) introduced two resolutions, H. Res. 1492 and H. Res. 1493, that included the appropriate text for a deeming resolution. Then H. Res. 1500 was later adopted and and independently placed H. Res. 1493 into force. The reason for this is not clear. The main difference between H. Res. 1492 and  H. Res. 1493 was the inclusion in the former of an amendment to the House Pay-As-You-Go Rule (the predecessor to the current Cutgo Rule —  clause 10, rule XXI).

Legislative Activity

In the House: No concurrent resolution was reported from the House Budget Committee and none was considered by the full House.

Deeming Resolution: H. Res. 1492, H. Res. 1493, and H. Res. 1500 were all involved in the deeming process. The first two resolutions were similar, though H. Res. 1492 specifically amended the clause 10 of Rule XXI of the House Rules (the then in force “Pay-As-You-Go Point of Order” against deficit increases). The second resolution, H. Res. 1493 was adopted by the terms of H. R. 1500, which then carried the House rule amendment language.

In the Senate: S. Con. Res. 60 (111th Congresswas  reported by the Senate Budget Committee, but no other legislative action was taken.


Major Documents

H. Res. 1500 (111th Congress) as passed the House

H. Res. 1493 (111th Congress), as passed the House

Rules Report on H. Res. 1500 – H. Rept. 111–522 (111th Congress)


S. Con. Res. 60 (111th Congress), as reported by Senate Budget Committee

Other Documents

Alternative Deeming Resolution in the House:

H. Res. 1492 (111th Congress) – Text as introduced, but no legislative action was taken by the House.




FY2010 – S. Con. Res. 13 (111th Congress)


FY21012 – None (112th Congress)

 [BCD § 010.36]