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Rules of the 107th Congress

The House of Representatives adopts its organizing resolution at the beginning of each Congress in the form of a simple House resolution. Information related to H. Res. 5 for the 107th Congress is included here. 


H. Res. 5 of the 107th Congress, as agreed to by the House

 H. Res. 5  (107th Congress), from

H. Res. 5 – Section-by-Section (107th Congress)

Floor Debate From the Congressional Record on H. Res. 5 (107th congress) ) January 3, 2001

From the Congressional Research Service:

Rules Changes Affecting Budgetary Legislation

107th Congress

The rules mechanism providing for automatic engrossment and transmittal to the Senate of a joint resolution to increase the debt limit, known as the Gephardt rule after former Representative Richard Gephardt, was repealed.142 (Struck Rule XXIII, and made conforming changes in other rules.) (See “Public Debt Ceiling” above.)

As described in the section “Rules Changes Affecting Committees,” rules changes required the Appropriations Committee to include in reports on general appropriations bills additional information on unauthorized appropriations—a statement of the last year for which expenditures were authorized, the level authorized for that year, the actual level of spending for that year, and the level of appropriations in the current bill. (See Appropriations Committee under Committee Reports.”)

A separate order related to a point of order under Section 303 of the Congressional Budget Act was repeated (see “106th Congress,” immediately above). Two additional technical changes were included in separate orders. First, the word “resolution” in Section 306 of the Congressional Budget Act was interpreted to mean “joint resolution,” and not a simple or concurrent resolution. Second, the separate order stated that a provision of or amendment to legislation prospectively establishing compensation for a federal office, to be appropriated annually, does not create entitlement authority under the Congressional Budget Act.

142. H.Res. 5, agreed to in the House January 3, 2001.

See generally CRS Report RL31479, Federal Budget Process Reform: Proposals and Legislative Actions in the 107th Congress; and CRS Report RL31795, Congressional Budget Actions in 2002.

See also CRS Report RL31913, Developing Debt-Limit Legislation: The House’s “Gephardt Rule”.


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H. Res. 5 (106th Congress)


H. Res. 5 (108th Congress)

[BCR § 074]