Organizing Resolutions for the House of Representatives

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Rules of the 113th Congress

The House of Representatives adopts its organizing resolution at the beginning of each Congress in the form of a simple House resolution. Information related to H. Res. 5 for the 113th Congress is included here. 


H. Res. 5 (113th Congress), as adopted by the House

H. Res. 5  (113th Congress), from Congress Website

Section-by-Section for H. Res. 5 (113th Congress)

Additional Information

General Protocols for the 113th Congress (Republican Majority Protocols)

Rules Changes Relevant to Committees 113th Congress (House Rules Committee)

Congressional Record – 159 Cong. Rec. pp. H7-H9, 113th Congress, 1st Session, January 3, 2013.


H. Res. 5 (112th Congress)


H. Res. 5 (114th Congress)

[BCR § 074]