Chapter 41, Deschler’s Precedents

Chapter 41
Deschler’s Precedents
Volume 18

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Foreword to Bound Volume 18

The completion of volume 18 of Deschler-Brown-Johnson-Sullivan Precedents marks the end of the precedent series first embarked upon by then Parliamentarian of the House Lewis Deschler in 1974. These 18 volumes span the period between 1936 (the year of publication of Cannon’s Precedents) and 2012.

They capture the increasingly efficient and resilient parliamentary system that has evolved in the House over its 223-year history. Actions ranging from the routine daily order of business to the rarest presidential impeachment proceedings have been executed in the modern House based on the body of practice represented in these volumes. The guardians of the commitment to precedent in the parliamentary practice of the House have been former Parliamentarians William Holmes Brown, Charles W. Johnson, III, John V. Sullivan and the various editors of this series. The Office of the Parliamentarian will now dedicate itself to the next phase of the precedents-publishing replacement volumes comprising cumulative updates of each chapter of the compilation. The table of chapters that follows represents a comprehensive listing of the contents of the completed series and an organizational baseline for future publications.

Thomas J. Wickham, Jr.

February 8, 2013.

Afterword to the Completion of the Deschler-Brown-Johnson-Sullivan Precedents (pdf)

Deschler’s Precedents: Chapter 41 of Volume 18 (PDF Links)

Deschler-Brown-Johnson-Sullivan Precedents, Chapter 41, Volume 18, (H. Doc. 94-661), 112th Congress, 2013.

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