Chapter 41, Deschler’s Precedents

Chapter 41
Volume 18

[pp. 11-12]

A. Introduction to the Budget Process

§ 2.Timeline of the Budget Process

Section 300 of the Congressional Budget Act[1]  sets out a nonmandatory timetable for the congressional budget process.

Section 300 Requirements

On the first Monday in February the President submits a budget to the Congress. On or before February 15, the Congressional Budget Office submits its annual report to the Budget Committees. Not later than six weeks after the President submits a budget, committees submit views and estimates to the respective Budget Committees which include estimates of new budget authority and outlays within their respective jurisdictions. [1] On or before April 1, the Senate Budget Committee reports a concurrent resolution on the budget. Pursuant to section 300, congressional action on the concurrent resolution on the budget is to be completed by April 15.

Until a concurrent resolution on the budget is adopted by Congress, spending bills (including annual appropriation bills) may not be considered in the House.[2] However, section 303(b)(2) of the Budget Act[3] provides that general appropriation bills, and amendments thereto, may be considered in the House after May 15 even if a budget resolution for the ensuing fiscal year has yet to be agreed to. On or before June 10, the Committee on Appropriations reports its last annual appropriation bill.

On or before June 15, Congress completes action on reconciliation legislation contemplated in a concurrent resolution on the budget.[4] On or before [p. 12] June 30, the House completes action on annual appropriation bills.[5] On October 1, the fiscal year begins. 

[1] 2 USC § 631.

[1] See § 7, infra.

[2] 2 USC § 633(a).

[3] 2 USC § 633(b)(2).

[4] The mandatory June 15 deadline was repealed by the BEA of 1990 and replaced with a new House prohibition (section 310(f)) on adjourning for more than three calendar

[5] Section 309 prohibits the House from adjourning for more than three calendar days in the month of July if it has not completed action on all annual appropriation bills. See §§ 5.19, 5.20, 21.17, 21.18, infra.

§ 2. Timeline of the Budget Process [pdf]

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Deschler’s Precedents, Chapter 41, Volume 18; (H. Doc. 94-661), 112th Congress, Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

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§3. Presidential
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