Chapter 41, Deschler’s Precedents

Chapter 41
Deschler’s Precedents
Volume 18

[pp. 12-18]

A. Introduction to the Budget Process

§ 3. Presidential Budget Submissions

No later than the first Monday in February of each year, the President shall submit a budget of the United States Government to the Congress.

Federal law[1] outlines the content of such budget, including information on activities and functions of the government, and estimated expenditures and receipts of the government, and appropriations and proposed appropriations of the government for the current fiscal year. The President shall submit to Congress no later than July 16 of each year a supplemental summary of the budget for the fiscal year which shall include substantial changes in, or reappraisals of, estimates of expenditures and receipts and substantial obligations imposed on the budget after its submission.[[2]

A presidential budget submission is normally received as a formal message from the President to Congress, delivered by messenger through the door under seal, and laid before the House.[3] When the budget submission is received when the House is not in session, it is delivered to the Clerk of the House, who transmits such submission to the House at the next meeting.[4] Despite this normal protocol, the President has submitted a budget to Congress as an executive communication addressed to the Speaker, rather than as a formal message to Congress.[5] The President has also submitted incomplete budget proposals (together with assurances regarding transmittal of the missing material).[6] Congress has passed a joint resolution waiving the statutory deadline for the submission of the President’s budget.[7]

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§ 3. Presidential Budget Submissions [pdf]

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Deschler’s Precedents, Chapter 41, Volume 18; (H. Doc. 94-661), 112th Congress, Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

§ 2. Timeline of the Budget Process

§ 4. Content of Concurrent Resolutions on the Budget

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