Chapter 41, Deschler’s Precedents

Chapter 41
Deschler’s Precedents
Volume 18

[pp. 481-482]

Introduction to Appendix

The appendix to volume 18 features a commentary by Charles W. Johnson, III. Mr. Johnson served as Parliamentarian of the House from 1994 to 2004 and has been affiliated with the Office of the Parliamentarian for nearly fifty years. Mr. Johnson follows in the tradition of Parliamentarians Asher Hinds, Clarence Cannon, and Lewis Deschler by capturing in narrative form notable procedural highlights during his tenure. This commentary is organized with the same general structure as the previous 17 volumes of this series, serving as both an appropriate appendix to the earlier volumes and a bridge to the upcoming restatement. It is not intended to be a reference material but rather a historic overview to supplement the more technical publications of the office. Readers should consult future volumes of precedent, the House Rules and Manual, and House Practice for citable materials addressed in this narrative.

Thomas J. Wickham, Jr.

February 8, 2013.

Introduction to Appendix (pdf)

Deschler’s Precedents: Chapter 41 of Volume 18 (PDF Links)

Deschler-Brown-Johnson-Sullivan Precedents, Chapter 41, Volume 18, (H. Doc. 94-661), 112th Congress, 2013.

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