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This section has links to budget-related provisions of law from the U.S. Code as maintained by the House Office of the Law Revision Counsel.  Some helpful links:

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U.S. Code (Law Revision Counsel)

Sec. 105. Title of appropriation Acts  (LRC Link) (BCR  Link)

Sec. 190. Repealed. S. Res. 4, §301(b), Feb. 4, 1977

Secs. 190a to 190a-2. Repealed. S. Res. 274, §2(a), Nov. 14, 1979

Sec. 190a-3. Repealed. S. Res. 9, §2, Nov. 5, 1975

Secs. 190b, 190c. Repealed. S. Res. 274, §2(a), Nov. 14, 1979

Sec. 190d. Legislative review by standing committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives

Sec. 190e. Repealed. Pub. L. 91-510, title II, §242(b)(1), Oct. 26, 1970, 84 Stat. 1172

Sec. 190f. General appropriation bills

Sec. 190g. Nonconsideration of certain private bills and resolutions

Sec. 190h. Repealed. S. Res. 9, §2, Nov. 5, 1975

Secs. 190i to 190k. Repealed. S. Res. 274, §2(b), Nov. 14, 1979

Sec. 190l. Private claims pending before Congress; taking of testimony

Sec. 190m. Subpoena for taking testimony; compensation of officers and witnesses; return of depositions

Sec. 191. Oaths to witnesses

Sec. 192. Refusal of witness to testify or produce papers

Sec. 193. Privilege of witnesses

Sec. 194. Certification of failure to testify or produce; grand jury action

Sec. 194a. Request by Congressional committees to officers or employees of Federal departments, agencies, etc., concerned with foreign countries or multilateral organizations for expression of views and opinions

Sec. 194b. Omitted

Sec. 195. Fees of witnesses in District of Columbia

Sec. 195a. Restriction on payment of witness fees or travel and subsistence expenses to persons subpenaed by Congressional committees

Sec. 195b. Fees for witnesses requested to appear before Majority Policy Committee or Minority Policy Committee

Sec. 196. Senate resolutions for investigations; limit of cost

Sec. 197. Compensation of employees

Sec. 198. Adjournment

Sec. 199. Member of commission, board, etc., appointed by President pro tempore of Senate; recommendation process; applicability