Cyclopedia of Congressional Budget Law

Continuing Appropriations


Bills or joint resolutions providing appropriations that are continuing, and hence the term continuing appropriations, rather than general are treated differently in Parliamentarian terms but for practical purposes can be distinguished by their short duration, sometimes lasting only a few days rather than the typical annually  for general (or “regular’) appropriations. 

See also Continuing Resolution for additional information.

Deschler’s Precedents

Continuing Appropriations (Deschler)

Chapter 26 of Deschler’s Precedents concerns appropriation Act, and hence treats continuing appropriations in section 1.2 of that volume:

Continuing Appropriations

§1.2 Parliamentarian’s Note: The rule against legislation in appropriation bills is limited to general appropriation bills; thus, a joint resolution continuing appropriations for government agencies pending enactment of the regular appropriation bills, which is not a ‘‘general appropriation bill’’ as it does not provide appropriations on an annual basis, is not subject to the prohibitions of Rule XXI clause 2 against legislative language.

Deschler’s Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives, Volume 8, Chapter 26, §1.2, p. 5228.



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