Byrd Rule Violations from the BBA 1995 Conference Report

H.R. 1215 (104th Congress) CBO Estimate from Report (H. Rpt. 104-84) (1995.03.21) (M Word Document)

H.R. 1215 (104th Congress) Report for Contract With America Tax Relief Act of 1995; Ways and Means Committee (H. Rpt. 104-84) (1995.03.21) (PDF)

H.R. 1215 (104th Congress) H.R. 1215 Tax Fairness and Deficit Reduction Act of 1995 (House-passed)

H.R. 1756 (104th Congress) Department of Commerce Dismantling Act (1995.06.07)

H.R. 1756 Report for the Department of Commerce Dismantling Act(H. Rpt. 104–260) (1995.06.07)

H.R. 2195 (104th Congress) Freedom to Farm (1995.08.04)

H.R. 2425 (104th Congress) SYBBRA (H. Rpt 104-276)  Medicare Preservation House-passed (1995.10.19)

104th Congress hr2425-sybbra-hrpt104-276-2-medicare-preservation-house-passed-1995-10-16

H.R. 2425 (104th Congress sybbra-thrift-medicare-preservation-house-passed-1995-10-19

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba95-enrolled-enacted-text

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba95-sybbra-budget-provisions-only

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba95-sybbra-hbc-report

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba95-sybbra-hbc-report-vol-2

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba95-vetoed-crs-summary104th-congress-1995-1996-h-r-2491-all-information-thomas-library

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba95-vetoed-major-actions-104th-congress-1995-1996-h-r-2491-all-information-thomas-library

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba95-vetoed-summary-status-104th-congress-1995-1996-

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress All Information Thomas Library

H.R. 2491 (104th Congress bba1995-conference-hrpt104-350