Title 31 United States Code  


The following sections are from Subtitle I (General) of Title 31 of the United States Code. Links to Law Revision Counsel’s website for these sections online may be found here: §300a. Title 31 §101 through §903.

These sections are important to the Congressional Budget process, in particular in that they include authorizing and administrative statutes related to the Government Accountability Office and the Office of Management and Budget. They do not, however, directly implicate those processes and so  haven to traditionally been included in the compendia of budget rules and laws.

Subtitle I—General

Chapter 1—Definitions

§101. Agency

§102. Executive agency

§103. United States

Chapter 3—Department of the Treasury

Subchapter I—Organization

§301. Department of the Treasury

§302. Treasury of the United States

§303. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

§304. Bureau of the Mint

§305. Federal Financing Bank

§306. Fiscal Service

§307. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

§308. United States Customs Service

§309. Office of Thrift Supervision

§310. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

§311. Office of Intelligence and Analysis

§312. Terrorism and financial intelligence

§313. Federal Insurance Office

§314. Covered agreements

§315. Continuing in office

Subchapter II—Administrative

§321. General authority of the Secretary

§322. Working capital fund

§323. Investment of operating cash

§324. Disposing and extending the maturity of obligations

§325. International affairs authorization

§326. Availability of appropriations for certain expenses

§327. Advancements and reimbursements for services

§328. Accounts and payments of former disbursing officials.

§329. Limitations on outside activities.

§330. Practice before the Department.

§331. Reports.

§332. Miscellaneous administrative authority.

§333. Prohibition of misuse of Department of the Treasury names, symbols, etc.

Chapter 5—Office Of Management And Budget

 Subchapter I—Organization

§501. Office of Management and Budget

§502. Officers

§503. Functions of Deputy Director for Management

§504. Office of Federal Financial Management

§505. Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

§506. Office of Federal Procurement Policy

§507. Office of Electronic Government

Subchapter II—Administrative

§521. Employees

§522. Necessary expenditures.

Chapter 7—Government Accountability Office

 Subchapter I—Definitions and General Organization

§701. Definitions

§702. Government Accountability Office

§703. Comptroller General and Deputy Comptroller General

§704. Relationship to other laws

§705. Inspector General for the Government Accountability Office

 Subchapter II—General Duties and Powers

§711. General authority

§712. Investigating the use of public money

§713. Audit of Internal Revenue Service and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

§714. Audit of Financial Institutions Examination Council, Federal Reserve Board, Federal reserve banks, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Office of Comptroller of the Currency

§715. Audit of accounts and operations of the District of Columbia government

§716. Availability of information and inspection of records

§717. Evaluating programs and activities of the United States Government

§718. Availability of draft reports

§719. Comptroller General reports

§720. Agency reports

Subchapter III—Personnel

§731. General

§732. Personnel management system

§732a. Critical positions

§733. Senior Executive Service

§734. Assignments and details to Congress

§735. Relationship to other laws

§736. Authorization of appropriations

Subchapter IV—Personnel Appeals Board

§751. Organization

§752. Chairman and General Counsel

§753. Duties and powers

§754. Action by the Comptroller General

§755. Judicial review

Subchapter V—Annuities

§771. Definitions

§772. Annuity of the Comptroller General

§773. Election of survivor benefits

§774. Survivor annuities

§775. Refunds

§776. Payment of survivor benefits

§777. Annuity increases

§778. Dependency and disability decisions

§779. Use of appropriations

Subchapter VI—Property Management

§781. Authority over the General Accounting Office Building

§782. Leasing of space in the General Accounting Office Building

§783. Rules and regulations

Subchapter VII—Center For Audit Excellence

§791. Center for Audit Excellence

§792. Account

§793. Authorization of appropriations

Chapter 9—Agency Chief  Financial  Officers

§901. Establishment of agency Chief Financial Officers

§902. Authority and functions of agency Chief Financial Officers

§903. Establishment of agency Deputy Chief Financial Officers