Title 31, U.S. Code (Selected)

Subtitle II of Title 31
TheBudget Process

Subtitle II—The Budget Process

Chapter 11—The Budget and Fiscal, Budget, and Program Information


§1101. Definitions.
§1102. Fiscal year.
§1103. Budget ceiling.
§1104. Budget and appropriations authority of the President.
§1105. Budget contents and submission to Congress.
§1106. Supplemental budget estimates and changes.
§1107. Deficiency and supplemental appropriations.
§1108. Preparation and submission of appropriations requests to the President.
§1109. Current programs and activities estimates.
§1110. Year-ahead requests for authorizing legislation.
§1111. Improving economy and efficiency.
§1112. Fiscal, budget, and program information.
§1113. Congressional information.
[§1114. Repealed.]
§1115. Federal Government and agency performance plans.
§1116. Agency performance reporting.
§1117. Exemptions.
§1118. Pilot projects for performance goals.
§1119. Pilot projects for performance budgeting.
§1120. Federal Government and agency priority goals.
§1121. Quarterly priority progress reviews and use of performance information.
§1122. Transparency of programs, priority goals, and results.
§1123. Chief Operating Officers.
§1124. Performance Improvement Officers and the Performance Improvement Council.
§1125. Elimination of unnecessary agency reporting.
§1126. Program Management Improvement Officers and Program Management Policy Council. 




Budget Control Act of 2011


House Rules



[BCR § 300]