Title 31, U.S. Code (Selected)

Subtitle III of Title 31
TheBudget Process

Subtitle III—Financial Management

Chapter 31—Public Debt


§3101. Public debt limit.
§3101A. Presidential modification of the debt ceiling.
§3102. Bonds.
§3103. Notes.
§3104. Certificates of indebtedness and Treasury bills.
§3105. Savings bonds and savings certificates.
§3106. Retirement and savings bonds.
§3107. Increasing interest rates and investment yields on retirement bonds.
§3108. Prohibition against circulation privilege.
§3109. Tax and loss bonds.
§3110. Sale of obligations of governments of foreign countries.
§3111. New issue used to buy, redeem, or refund outstanding obligations.
§3112. Sinking fund for retiring and cancelling bonds and notes.
§3113. Accepting gifts.




Budget Control Act of 2011


House Rules



[BCR § 300]