Clause 11 of Rule XXI

Rules XXI of the House of Representatives

[Availability of Introduced Measures] 

§1068j. Availability of introduced measures. 

11. It shall not be in order to consider a bill or joint resolution which has not been reported by a committee until the third calendar day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays except when the House is in session on such a day) on which such measure has been available to Members, Delegates, and the Resident Commissioner.

House Rules and Manual Notes

This clause was added in the 112th Congress (sec. 2(b), H. Res. 5, Jan. 5, 2011, p. 80). It applies to bills and joint resolutions only (Jan. 7, 2011, p. 228) and is predicated on a number of days (not hours) of availability, including electronic availability in consonance with clause 3 of rule XXIX (Mar. 17, 2011, pp. 4373, 4374). A point of order under this clause is not ripe until the measure in question is called up for consideration (Mar. 17, 2011, p. 4373).

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