CBA, as Enacted (Contents)

Congressional Budget Act of 1974

Section 302, as Enacted


Matters to be included in joint statement of managers; reports by committees

Sec. 302. (a) Allocation of Totals.—The joint explanatory statement accompanying a conference report on a concurrent resolution on the budget shall include an estimated allocation, based upon such concurrent resolution as recommended in such conference report, of the appropriate levels of total budget outlays and total new budget authority among each committee of the House of Representatives and the Senate which has jurisdiction over bills and resolutions providing such new budget authority.

(b) Reports By Committees.—As soon as practicable after a concurrent resolution on the budget is agreed to—

(1) the Committee on Appropriations of each House shall, after consulting with the Committee on Appropriations of the other House, (A) subdivide among its subcommittees the allocation of budget outlays and new budget authority allocated to it in the joint explanatory statement accompanying the conference report on such concurrent resolution, and (B) further subdivide the amount with respect to each such subcommittee between controllable amounts and all other amounts; and

(2) every other committee of the House and Senate to which an allocation was made in such joint explanatory statement shall, after consulting with the committee or committees of the other House to which all or part of its allocation was made, (A) subdivide such allocation among its subcommittees or among programs over which it has jurisdiction, and (B) further subdivide the amount with respect to each subcommittee or program between controllable amounts and all other amounts. Each such committee shall promptly report to its House the subdivisions made by it pursuant to this subsection.

(c) Subsequent Concurrent Resolutions.—In the case of a concurrent resolution on the budget referred to in section 304 or 310, the allocation under subsection (a) and the subdivisions under subsection (b) shall be required only to the extent necessary to take into account revisions made in the most recently agreed to concurrent resolution on the budget.





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Counsel Notes

The managers on the part of the House and the Senate of the conference of the two Houses on the amendments of the Senate to the bill (H.R. 7130) issued an explanatory statement of the legislation. This was included in a House Budget Committee print in 1975 after the bill’s enactment. It included the following description of this section:

Section 302. Allocations In Statements and Reports

The Senate amendment provided for the allocations of total budget authority and total outlays after adoption of the first concurrent resolution or any subsequent resolution revising these totals. Each Budget Committee would allocate the budget authority and outlays among the committees of its House, and the Appropriations Committee would then divide its allocation among it subcommittees. Each Budget Committee would report to its House on the allocations made in accord with this procedure.

The conference substitute provides for the allocations of total budget authority and total outlays to be made in the joint statement of the managers accompanying a conference report on the first or a revised concurrent resolution. The joint statement shall distribute those totals among the appropriate House and Senate committees. Each Appropriations Committee and any other committee to which an allocation has been made shall (after consulting with the counterpart committee of the other House) report to its House on the subdivision of its allocation among it subcommittees (or in the case of other committees among its programs). A further subdivision shall be made by each committee between controllable and other amounts. The managers expect that the making of allocations in the joint statement will expedite the process and encourage consistency in the determinations of the two Houses.

[Joint Explanatory Statement on the Committee of Conference on H.R. 7130; (Committee Print), Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives, 93d Congress, 2d Session, Washington D.C. 1975.]

Current Section

Section 302. Committee Allocations

Classification to the U.S. Code

This section was formerly classified to 31 U.S.C. 1323.

Legislative History Notes
Public Laws

Pub. L. 93–344, §302, July 12, 1974, 88 Stat. 308. The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 enacted this section into law. 

Revision of title 31 of the u.s. code

Most of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 was classified to Title 31 of the U.S. Code but has since been transferred either to title 2 (The Congress) or to a revised Title 31. See the following for more information: 



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