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Congressional Budget Act of 1974

Section 906, as Enacted



Application of congressional budget process to fiscal year 1976

Sec. 906. If the Committees on the Budget of the House of Representatives and the Senate both agree that it is feasible to report and act on a concurrent resolution on the budget referred to in section 301(a), or to apply any provision of title III or section 401 or 402, for the fiscal year beginning on July 1,1975, and submit reports of such agreement to their respective Houses, then to the extent and in the manner specified in such reports, the provisions so specified and section 202(f) shall apply with respect to such fiscal year. If any provision so specified contains a date, such reports shall also specify a substitute date.





Section 905 (CBA, as Enacted)



Section 1001 (ICA, as Enacted)

Counsel Notes

The managers on the part of the House and the Senate of the conference of the two Houses on the amendments of the Senate to the bill (H.R. 7130) issued an explanatory statement of the legislation. This was included in a House Budget Committee print in 1975 after the bill’s enactment. It included the following description of this section:

Section 906. Application of Budget Process to Fiscal Year 1976

The Senate amendment provided for an application of the congressional budget process for fiscal year 1976 under certain conditions. The conference substitute provides that upon agreement by the Budget Committees, and to the extent provided by such committees in reports to their respective Houses, the procedures of Title III and sections 202(f), 401, and 402 may be applied to the 1976 fiscal year. The managers anticipate that this advance application will be undertaken only if adequate preparation has been made, that it will be limited to certain parts of the congressional budget process, and that to the extent necessary substitute dates will be used. The managers recognize that it may not be feasible to go beyond the first budget resolution.

[Joint Explanatory Statement on the Committee of Conference on H.R. 7130; (Committee Print), Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives, 93d Congress, 2d Session, Washington D.C. 1975.]


 Section 906. Application of Congressional Budget Process to FY76 [Repealed]

Classification to the U.S. Code

This section was not classified to the U.S. Code as such, but was set out as a note in the former 31 U.S.C. 1322.

Legislative History Notes
Public Laws

Pub. L. 93–344, §906, July 12, 1974, 88 Stat. 332. The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 enacted this section into law. 

Revision of title 31 of the u.s. code

Most of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 was classified to Title 31 of the U.S. Code but has since been transferred either to title 2 (The Congress) or to a revised Title 31. See the following for more information: 



[BCR § 176e]