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The Budget Process Law Annotated (BPLAis a collection of the laws related to the Congressional Budget process edited and annotated by William G. Dauster. The BPLA is a Print from the Senate Budget Committee (S. Prt. 103-49) that was published in 1993 and so only proceeds to the laws and rules enacted or adopted up to that time. Nevertheless it is an invaluable tool in understanding the procedures, concepts, and background of Congressional budget law, especially in regard to the U.S. Senate.

The BPLA (1993) is the third edition of the annotated laws, with the prior two from 1990 and 1991. All three are included here, with the the BPLA (1993) set out as an online document, reformatted without substantive revision.

Documents related to the Budget Process Law Annotated (annotated and edited by William G. Dauster): 

Budget Process Law Annotated (Online Version)

Budget Process Laws Annotated (1993 S. Prt. 103-49))

Budget Process Laws Annotated (1991 S. Prt. 102-22)

Congressional Budget Act Annotated (1990 S. Prt. 101-86)

Excerpt from the Committee on the Budget of the Senate History (interview with William G. Dauster): 

Mr. Hearn [interviewer, to Mr. Dauster]: The purpose of this whole exercise of the Committee history is to put together a document that people can use, to research, to go back and draw on what might otherwise be lost to history. One product that already exists is what the small circle of potential scholars is going to call “the blue book,”[1] which is what we call it, which you know a lot about since you wrote it. It really was, for the period that it covered in terms of the law at the time, it was ‘‘the bible.’’

Mr. Dauster [in response to Mr. Hearn]: There have been three editions of the volume we’re talking about. What started off as the ‘‘Congressional Budget Act Annotated’’ or ‘‘Budget Process Annotated’’ . . . started for two reasons. First, to have collected in one place all the things I’d need on the floor, and I’d want to argue with the Parliamentarian about what was the law on something. So, it was useful to have it and not have it in a large suitcase. It’s better to have something small that you can carry with you at all times. Second, it helped me to understand the law better, and so it was a good, useful learning process for me.


Footnote #1. Budget Process Law Annotated 1993 Edition: Including the Congressional Budget Act, Gramm-Rudman-Hollings, the Budget Enforcement Act of 1990, Executive Order 12857, and Related Budget-Process Legislation. Committee on the Budget, United States Senate. Annotations by William G. Dauster, Chief Counsel. Senate Print 103–49, 103rd Congress, First Session. October 1993. Government Printing Office.


§007. Budget Enforcement


§009. Budget Process Reform

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