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Deeming Resolutions


Deeming resolutions are legislative vehicles that take the place of a formally adopted budget resolution and only apply to one House of Congress. They have become a very regular substitute for following the statutory requirement that Congress pass a budget. 

See Deeming Resolutions and Deeming Resolutions Reference for more information.

Deeming Resolution and Amendment Provided for in Budget Resolution

From §4.2 (Deschler Ch. 41), p. 34

E.g. where an amendment had to be deemed to be adopted in order to trigger an adjustment to the budget resolution:

§ 4.2 The House has adopted a special order of business resolution reported by the Committee on Rules containing a separate section ‘‘deeming’’ a particular amendment to have been formally ‘‘offered’’ within the meaning of a section of the most recent concurrent resolution on the budget, in order to trigger the application of that section(1) and thus allow the chairman of the Committee on the Budget to increase the relevant committee’s section 302 allocation to cover the budget authority contained in that amendment.

1. Parliamentarian’s Note: Section 411 of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2004 (H. Con. Res. 95) provided authority for the chairman of the Committee on the Budget to adjust the section 302(a) allocation to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure if: (1) a bill providing funding for certain transportation projects were reported; (2) a conference report containing such funding were submitted; or (3) an amendment containing such funding were offered. Because the special order of business above ‘‘self-executed’’ an amendment containing such funding, that amendment was not formally ‘‘offered’’ within the meaning of section 411 of H. Con. Res. 95. Thus, it was necessary for section 2 of the special order to ‘‘deem’’ the amendment to have been offered in order to trigger the authority to adjust the section 302(a) allocation.

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