President’s Budget

Analytical Perspectives from the President’s Budget

The Analytical Perspectives from the President’s proposed budget contains analyses that are designed to highlight specified subject areas or provide other significant presentations of budget data that place the budget in perspective. This volume includes economic and accounting analyses; information on Federal receipts and collections; analyses of Federal spending; information on Federal borrowing and debt; baseline or current services estimates; and other technical presentations. The Analytical Perspectives volume also contains supplemental material with several detailed tables, including tables showing the budget by agency and account and by function, subfunction, and program

The President’s Budget, required by law to be submitted to Congress, takes the form of four volumes: the Budget of the U.S. GovernmentHistorical TablesAnalytical Perspectives, and the Appendix. In addition to these main four documents, Supplemental Materials are also transmitted to Congress and made public. Then in July of each year, and update to this budget is sent to Congress, commonly known as the the Mid-Session Review for a fiscal year.


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Analytical Perspectives Submitted by the President

Fiscal Year 2019 Analytical Perspectives

Fiscal Year 2018 Analytical Perspectives

Fiscal Year 2017 Analytical Perspectives

Fiscal Year 2016 Analytical Perspectives


Historical Tables 



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