Organizing Resolutions for the House of Representatives

Reference Information for the
Rules of the 110th Congress

The House of Representatives adopts its organizing resolution at the beginning of each Congress in the form of a simple House resolution. Information related to H. Res. 5 and H. Res. 6 for the 110th Congress is included here. Though organizing resolutions usually have the number H. Res. 5, as part of the transition from a Republican Majority in the 109th Congress to a Democratic Majority in the 110th Congress, the new Leadership found it useful to use two resolutions, H. Res. 5 and H. Res. 6, for organizing the new Congress. 


H. Res. 6 (110th Congress), as agreed to by the House

H. Res. 6  (110th Congress), from

H. Res. 6 (110th Congress) Section-by-Section (Cong. Rec.) January 4, 2006

H. Res. 5 (110th Congress), as agreed to by the House

H. Res. 5  (110th Congress), from


CRS – House Rules Changes Affecting Congressional Budget Process Made at the Beginning of the 110th Congress (RL34149) August 30, 2007

CRS – Federal Budget Process Reform in the 110th Congress- A Brief Overview (RL33818) Updated May 28, 2008

CRS – A Retrospective of House Rules Changes Since the 110th Congress (R42359) June 4, 2014


H. Res. 5 (109th Congress)


H. Res. 5 (111th Congress)

[BCR § 074]