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History of Congressional Budget Law


CBO Report – Index to the Legislative History of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 (Congressional Budget Office) September, 1980

JEC Hearing – National Priorities and the Budgetary Process, Subcommittee on Priorities and Economy in Government (Joint Economic Committee) April 25, 26, and 27, 1973

CBO Report – The Index to the Legislative History of the. Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 (Budget Counsel Edit) September 1980

CBO Report – Index to the Legislative History of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 (Congressional Budget Office Original Document) September, 1980 

HAC Report – A Concise History of the House Committee on Appropriations (111th Congress Committee Print) December 2011

House Clerk – A Brief History of the House Budget Committee (Office of History and Preservation) April 10, 2008 

HBC Memorandum – History of the Bipartisan of 1988 (House Budget Committee) February 12, 1988 

Revisions to the 302(a) Allocations and Budgetary Aggregates for Fiscal Years 2007 and 2008

Committee Print – Budget Committee Progress Report (93rd Congress House Budget Committee) 1974 

CRS Report – History of the Joint Committee on Reduction of Non-Essential Federal Expenditures (1941-1974), with Observations on Oversight Today, Congressional Research Service (R41465) October 26, 2010 


Government Publishing Office: Browse Congressional Hearings

Rules Committee – Building on Change for the 105th CongressRules Committee Hearing) September 5, 1993

House Government Operations Committee – Budget Process Reference 1994 (103rd Congress)

1995.09.13 (104th) Budget Reform Rules Committee Hearing

1994.08.04 (HRG) House Gov. Ops. Budget Process Reform

Rules Hearing – Building on Change-Preparing for the 105th Congress

State of the U.S. Economy and Implications for the Federal with CBO, 110th Congress (House Budget Committee Hearing) December 5, 2007

The Congressional Budget Office’s Budget And Economic Outlook, 110th Congress (House Budget Committee) January 30, 2007

Hearing Notice – “A Weakened Economy: How to Respond?” (House Budget Committee Hearing) September 9, 2008

10-20-08 Hearing Notice

10-20-08 Revised Hearing Notice (2)

CBO Hearing Notice

DoD hearing notice

Hearing Notice Budget Process

Hearing Notice Budget

Hearing Notice Food Prices

Hearing Notice Health Care

Hearing Notice Health

Hearing Notice HHS

Hearing Notice Market TurmoilHearing Notice Safe

hearing notice

HHS hearing notice — February 27


joint infrastructure hearing notice

Member’s Day Hearing NoticeOMB Hearing Notice

State of the Economy hearing

111th Congress

07.14.2010 – Revised Hearing Notice

07.27.2010 – Hearing Notice

07.27.2010 – Revised Hearing Notice

112th Congress

Example of a “Truth in Testimony” Form from January 25, 2011

Example of a “Truth in Testimony Form” from January 26, 2011

113th Congress
114th Congress

2016.06.22 (HRG) Anderson Testimony

2016.06.22 (HRG) Hoagland Testimony

2016.06.22 (HRG) Kogan Testimony


§024. Government-Sponsored Enterprises


§026. Joint Committees of Congress

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