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Public Law 101–508
Budget Enforcement Act of 1990


One of the major laws of the Congressional budget process, see the Budget Enforcement Act of 1990 in the Codex for more extensive information.

General  Information

Public Law: Pub. L. 101–508

Enacted: Nov. 5, 1990

Stat. At Large: 104 Stat. 1388

Bill Number: H.R. 5835

Sponsor:  Rep. Panetta, Leon [D-CA-16]

Note: The BEA 1990 departed from the previous budget law enacted, the Balanced Budget and  Emergency Deficit Reduction Act of 1985, in that it replaced that Act’s emphasis on deficit reduction with deficit management. By establishing discretionary spending limits and the “pay-as-you-go” regimen for direct spending and revenues, it’s  main emphasis was to prevent deficit from becoming larger rather than using the procedure to reduce them.

Public Laws