President’s Budgets

Fiscal Year 2014

President’s Budget Submission

Under section 1105 of title 31 the U.S. Code, the President is legally required by “the first Monday in January but not later than the first Monday in February of each year” to submit a budget to Congress for the upcoming fiscal year. Section 1106 of the Code sets forth a further legal requirement for the President to submit an update to the budget, which must occur before July 16 of each year. This document is commonly known as the “Mid-Session Review”.

Links to Presidential Budget Documents

Budget Counsel: President’s Budget for a Fiscal Year

Office of Management and Budget: President’s Budget Submissions

Government Publishing Office: President Budget Submissions (GPO Links)

Previous Budgets: Budget Submissions from 1923 forward (FRASER)

OMB Documents

The Budget has four major volumes, and supplemental material:

(1) The Budget of the U.S. Government;

(2) Historical Tables;

(3) Analytical Perspectives;

(4) Appendix; and

(5) Supplemental Materials.

Fiscal Year 2014 President’s Budget Document Submission

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget of the U.S. Government

Fiscal Year 2014 Historical Tables

Fiscal Year 2014 Analytical Perspectives

Fiscal Year 2014 Appendix

Fiscal Year 2014 Federal Credit Supplement

Fiscal Year 2014 Object Class Analysis

Fiscal Year 2014 Balances of Budget Authority

Fiscal Year 2014 Mid-Session Review


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Fiscal Year 2015

BCR § 068