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Congressional Committee Reports

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CBO Reports

CBO Reports – Congressional Budget Office

The following are in statute which relate to CBO reports: 

Section 300 (CBA) – This section requires that, on or before February 15, CBO to submit the baseline report to the Budget Committees.

Section 202(e) (CBA) – This section requires certain reports to be prepared, including what is now known as the Budget and Economic Outlook, additional related reports, and a report on unauthorized appropriations.

Section 254 (BBEDCA) – This section requires CBO to prepare certain sequestration-related reports.

CRS Reports

CRS Reports – Congressional Research Service

GAO Reports

1986.03.31 – GAO Compliance Report for Fiscal Year-1986 (March 31, 1986).

OMB Reports – Office of Management and Budget


§069. Reconciliation


§071 . Rules – General

[BCR §070]