The Family Restuccia

August 13, 2019

I’m putting this up as an extension of this website that I used, and still work on sometimes, as a substitute for my old job. Nothing links to it though, so you really have to know how to get here to, well, get here.

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Anna’s Art

This is the drawing (which I love) that Anna sent; I just named the file “Anna – Fiona from Talking Cat Story“, which is the PDF file. The picture, of course, is very good — and I would love it even if it weren’t, so the artistry of it is like salt on the pretzel, butter on the bread, ketchup on the fries, (and some other one about cake or something). The below are a JPG and a GIF, though converting among various formats is pretty easy. I think PNG and TIFF are gaining ground, or were a few years ago.

This is the same picture, only the title and a few dots removed, and the scan line under the date. I didn’t know if the title was part of the drawing or not, though I kind of like it with it included. It’s very good either way to me though. The original is the best, of course.



Family Videos

These are those videos I did about twenty years ago — unfortunately, that means they don’t have the full crew, but I thought maybe you hadn’t seen them in a while.


Vincent’s Toast and Other Videos

These are just a few of the videos backed up from the camera, placed here just to be able to take a look at if the moment moves.