Budget Amendment

The term “budget amendment” is primarily used in the Congressional budget process to refer to amendments offered to a Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for a fiscal year. In the House, multiple amendments may offered when a budget resolution is considered by the House Budget Committee. On the House floor, fewer amendments are offered since by tradition only full substitute budget amendments are made in order to be offered.

In the Senate, amendments to specific sections of the Concurrent Resolution may be offered on the Senate floor and though the time for debate is limited, there is no limit on the number of amendments that may be offered. 

Another less frequently used purpose for the term “budget amendment” is that indicated in the GAO Glossary, which is a revision to the request the President annually makes to Congress for budgetary resources in the form of his budget submission. 

GAO Glossary of Terms and Definition (September 2005)

Budget Amendment

A revision to a pending budget request that the President submits to Congress before Congress completes appropriations action.

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