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Congressional Record

The Congressional Record is a transcript of the debates held of the debates and floor proceedings of the House of Representatives and the Senate. While it records the statements made by Members of Congress during debate on legislation, on the “consideration” of various measures, including bills, joint resolutions, concurrent resolutions, amendments, and conference reports, it does more than that. It also reflects textual matter that is “submitted for the record”, which is a term of art used in motions when some report, statement, new article, or anything of a textual nature, can be entered into the Congressional Record. 

While nearly verbatim, Members are allowed to “revise and extend” their remarks, which means they can fix errors they may make, and extend their remarks for the additional material to accompany what was actually said.

The Congressional Record has taken on various forms since the start of the very “First Congress”, when the statements were not transcripts but rather descriptions. It has taken on various incarnations, and can be found in various places, all kept by the Library of Congress and the Clerks of the House and Senate.

Congressional Record

Legislative Information Resources — Congressional Record

Annals of Congress

Register of Debates

Congressional Globe (Including 46 Volumes from the 23rd Congress through the 42nd Congress)

Volume 157, House, House Page H3


Volume 157, Senate, Senate Page S3





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§014. Congressional Research Service (CRS)  

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