Congress Redux or Reform

Of all the things that may occur in the new Congress — 115th moving  into the late teens with the onset of 2017. It will meet on January 3, complying with the Constitutional requirement. It does, of course, allow a change of date should Congress desire — usually happening when the third falls inconveniently on a weekend or some other important event. 

The prospect of budgetary reform is rather slim — though, not zero. Since with Rep. Price, the exiting Chairman of the House Budget Committee, no longer pushing the reform agenda, it actually stands a better chance rather than the reverse. Since for now he is holding his seat, presumably in caution against something happening to derail his move into the HHS Secretary position, no new Chair has been put in place. All indications are for  either Todd Rokita or Diane Black, both solid choices. Both have indicated interest in budget process reform, though whether that will be high on their list of things to accomplish is impossible to say. 

Process reform is such a labyrinth, and the personnel is simply not there to accomplish the task at House Budget right now, they may hold off until other things the new President places more importance on. 

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